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An elderly Japanese man named Fujii came to Taiwan just to have a cup of coffee from his memory. Fujii is the grandfather of a Japanese barista named Natsuyuki. That year, Natsuyuki came to Taiwan to attend a coffee sharing event with Taiwanese barista Wang Ce. However, Natsuyuki's purpose for this trip was to fulfill his grandfather's wish. Fujii hoped to find the Taiwanese girl he had a crush on when he was young, and have a cup of coffee made by her again.


Introduction to the Origin of Taiwanese Coffee

The 19th century was the first golden age of coffee in Taiwan. In 1902, the Japanese colonial government began to experiment with coffee cultivation in areas such as Yunlin, Chiayi, and eastern Taiwan. The coffee varieties planted included Arabica, Robusta, and Liberia, and Taiwan thus became a coffee-producing region. Ten years later, the first coffee shop, "Parkview Café",  was opened in Taipei's New Park, where you can imagine how fashionable it was to sit in a café and enjoy a cup of coffee made from Taiwanese coffee beans.


Recommended by Coffee Experts

If there is a place in the world where the pursuit of excellent flavor and quality of specialty coffee can be realized, it is the beautiful island of Taiwan, which is the most suitable field for this purpose. In Taiwan, diligent and excellent coffee farmers use their professional skills and enthusiasm, driven by curiosity for the market, to put in a lot of effort and experiments into every step of the process from cultivation varieties, grafting, pruning, harvesting and sorting, to processing and fermentation.


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